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no man is an island’. John Donne.

In the widest sense, I could not have undertaken the Moon Shadow Wales challenge without the generous support of key individuals and organisations. Through the medium of this blog, I want to thank them personally and give them the opportunity to say something.

In this blog, I introduce you to Pete Patel.

‘‘Hi my name is Pete Patel and I’m the Managing Director of Aytel Systems

Having been in the IT industry for 32 years, my experience and expertise in this industry has taken me through from: application development; through to banking and telecom systems Project Management / Consultancy, to finally running Aytel Systems for the past 18 years.

Aytel System Limited is an Information Technology (IT) Company based in Cardiff. Established since 1998, the business provides solutions for local and UK Wide businesses for their IT services. We support local charities as well as SME businesses, councils and Welsh government bodies. These services range from cloud solutions in our private data centre, to networks and networks security solutions. We believe in honest and ethical business practices aimed at providing all our customers with professional and strategic solutions that progresses with current technology trends.

Aytel Systems supported Robert Chapman and this Moon Shadow Wales Challenge for Motor Neurone Disease Association (MDNA) charity through support towards:

  1. Domain Name Registration
  2. Web Site Hosting
  3. Sponsorship Money from Aytel

We wish Robert all the best and congratulation in achieving his goal in completing his challenge.

Well done Rob!’’

Weekend 19: 30th July 2016

IMG_2222Jackie and I travelled across to Cardiganshire late on Friday afternoon 29th July. There was something surreal or strange about the experience. Perhaps it was simply the realisation that this was to be the final weekend of the final run of the Moon Shadow Wales challenge …….running 1,030 miles around the entire perimeter of Wales. It was deliberately intended to complete the run on 30th July 2016 marking the anniversary of TJ’s passing on 30th July last year. That is why the run was “reverse engineered” to establish when I should start, taking account of (at least) marathon run distances each weekend day.

Saturday 30th July 2016: Aberporth to Poppit Sands (18 miles)

On the day before, BBC Radio Wales had been in touch, they wanted to do a pieceIMG_2224 “live” on radio at five minutes to eight o’clock on Saturday 30th July. And so I was up and about early and was down for breakfast at the B&B for 7.30am. The phone rang. I had two minutes before going “live on air” over the telephone. The rest was a blur. Before I knew it, I was being cut-off because of the 8.00 o’clock pips. I was disappointed that I didn’t say what I wanted to say, but then “something is better than nothing”. I explained that the “run” was in memory of Tony John in order to: (i) raise awareness about Motor Neurone Disease (MND) ; (ii) raise money for MND research.

Shortly afterwards, Jackie drove me down to Aberporth where I was greeted by my son Alasdair…..and two great friends from Cardiff (Ange & Fi). THANK YOU for your support. Ange & Fi had produced some lettering which said: “18 miles to go”. Neat 👍

I departed from where I left off from the weekend before, rounding the delightful waterfront beach at Aberporth before running up the steep hill adjacent to DERA, Aberporth. This was an early morning rude awakening to get the heart and lungs going!! I turned right when the security fence headed inland towards the coast and then followed the signs to the coastline where I enjoyed some great, rugged trail running all the way to Mwynt. I moved swiftly and got there by 10.00am……ahead of time. In advance of the last run, I had invited Alex Yungmayr to join me. Why? Simply because Alex has made a significant and invaluable contribution to the success of this challenge. I wanted to recognise this modestly with the “invite”. I was delighted that Alex accepted. He was working first thing so he joined me at Mwynt.


We departed at circa 11.00am leaving behind the beautiful beach at Mwynt. Running passed Pen yr Hwbyn and Pen Tew,  the coastal path then headed inland towards the “waterfront” hotel at Gwbert. “Waterfront” in that the beautiful outlook was across the Afon Teifi estuary towards Poppit Sands.

We were deliberately taking our time because I had agreed with Jackie that to allow people time to travel we would arrive at the finish at circa 2.00pm. So there was a “swan song” element to this final run on the Moon Shadow Wales challenge Arriving in Cardigan, I did something that I had not done before. I had a celebratory drink of Ale with Alex at Teipi, Forest? I’ve been careful not to tempt fate or to “let my guard down” but there was something of the “Champs Elysee cycle-in” about this final stretch of the run (of 1,030 miles) Screenshot 2016-08-02 13.54.33and …….guess what…… I aimed to enjoy the moment. Subsequently, we had a coffee at the Ferry Inn as we were passing-by. Thereafter, we ran along the banks of the river and then right the way out to the tip of the “sand spit” where the river joined the sea. It was circa 1.40pm so we decided that now was the time to run-in to the finish. I ran through the waves initially, then headed inland to the RNLI building. I could see a gathering of people who were standing, clapping. It was like as if the people on the beach turned to see what was going on. A finish point had been created on the sandy beach but I had to run through it to the actual finish……where I had started several months ago on 26th March. My son Alasdair took a video clip of the finish, which I subsequently shared on line. We shared a big hug at the end. Then, I returned to the beach and gave Lynne John a big hug, followed by Jackie. I said hello to members of the John family, friends, guests, interested parties and thanked Richard Shackelford, MND for his help. Photographs followed and subsequently articles appeared in the Wales-on-Sunday, Western Mail and South Wales echo etc. Here is one of the links
At the start of the run, I had said that it was the end of the beginning. Now, it is the beginning of the end …..with fund raising on the agenda until the end of September / first week in October 2016.
Screenshot 2016-08-02 13.53.27
I conclude by offering a sincere thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey.