Weekend 14: 25th – 26th June 2016

Saturday 25th June 2016: Brynseincyn to Dinas Dinlle (25 miles!)

At start - Sat 25 June - Brynsciencyn
Start of Marathon 30 – Brynseincyn

The night before I (Jackie and I) stayed with a long standing friend’s family at Rhostryfan. It was a two night stay whilst I was undertaking “the weekend runs”. It is such acts of kindness to help us on our way that have been so gratifying on this #MoonShadowWales challenge “journey”. Thank you Elinor Gwynn.

Saturday morning was great. The weather was still and the sun was out as I ran from Brynsciencyn, initially inland, then along the Menai Strait shore. I enjoyed memorable views both ways along the Menai Straits, including wonderful views of the Britannia Bridge and the Menai Suspension Bridge.

Taking a quick coffee in a store just off the roundabout in Menai, an elderly couple made a donation to the cause. THANK YOU.

I was sad to cross the Menai Bridge because it signified the completion of my run around Anglesey: a wonderful experience and a big thank you to the many people who generously made donations. I (we) will be back.

From here access to, and visibility of, the coast was not easy but I ran on. Arriving in Y Felinheli, I called into the local pub Tafarn y Garddfon http://www.garddfon.co.uk to have a Coke for hydration purposes. There were several gentlemen in the bar who, along with the proprietor, kindly donated money to the cause …….and I was given an extra Coke drink for good luck!! THANK YOU.

End of Marathon 30 - Dinas Dinlle
End of Marathon 30 – Dinas Dinlle

The weather was changing and when I arrived in Caernarfon it was pouring with rain. I met Jackie in Y Galeri to grab some food (calories) and a drink (hydration). Leaving the marina, and running out of Caernarfon crossing the footbridge near the castle I bumped into Lynne who saw me coming with her long camera lens. It’s been tough for Lynne just lately, marking TJ’s birthday and the ongoing grieving process. I didn’t linger and ran on determinedly, skirting Foryd Bay on what was a lonely run. There was no one else stupid enough to be out in such weather!! Ha, that is part of the mental (resilience) challenge.

The weather was closing in but at this stage of the run there was something satisfying about reaching Caernarfon Airport. Why? Simply put because it meant that I was near the final stretch. Passing Morfa Dinlle to my left, I ran along the coastal path to Dinas Dinlle where I completed marathon 30 (actual distance 27.1 miles).

Sunday 26th June 2016: Dinas Dinlle to Tudweiliog (27 miles)

Stretches at start of Marathon 31 - Dinas Dinlle
Stretches at start of Marathon 31 – Dinas Dinlle

On Sunday morning, I had one of those moments again! Jackie had driven to the start at Dinas Dinlle (where I had finished marathon 30). The car stopped. For a moment, I didn’t want to get out of the car. I couldn’t get out of the car. Such moments have occurred before. In one sense, there are inexplicable. Yet, in another sense, the “moment” reflected my “being” for a number of seconds before the spell was broken as I “forced” the passenger door open.

For the first part of the day, and for the first time on this “challenge run”, I had decided to run without my “pack”. The run to Trefor was along / alongside roads. The straightness of the road (via the cycle way) to Clynnog Fawr seemed never ending. Nevertheless, it was good to arrive at the beach carpark in Trefor where I met Jackie and Lynne. I changed my “running shoes” for “trail shoes” to suit the forthcoming terrain. And “reunited” my “pack”.

Whilst more challenging, the run from here was more rewarding because of the variety of the changing landscaping. It was raining quite hard now as I quickly marched up Yr Eifl (rewarded by fantastic views) before running down into Nant Gwrtheyrn (the Welsh Language centre).

What a location for study, learning and events. I met Jackie and Lynne here for food and drink before running on to Nefyn. I enjoyed this stretch because of its variety and remoteness before arriving in the cosy village of Nefyn. From here, the path hugged the coast and I was even able to run along the beach to Morfa Nefyn. At this point, I was cold and decided to pop into the local pub for a mug of tea, whilst leaving behind a number of moo cards (which explain succinctly what I am doing). From here, I did in fact continue along the shore passed the RNLI boat station and rounded the slender, finger-like thread of land which formed part of the golf club. I pondered on what this spectacular location would be like on a fine day. However, the weather was inclement to say the least as I ran around the golf course and then followed the path as it hugged the coast. This was a fairly remote stretch but its beauty was still evident even in the rain.

There was a point on this part of the coastal run when looking inland I could see a settlement in the distance. I knew that it was Tudweiliog and therefore I was close to the point where I would head inland off the coastal footpath to the meeting point. This was the carpark forming part of Towyn farm. I was greeted by Jackie and an upbeat Lynne John as I ended marathon 31 (actual distance exactly 27 miles).

Bloody hell, 31 marathons done!! 8 to go.